A Slam Dunk So Powerful It Breaks Reality

This dunk makes Michael Jordan's Space Jam performance look pretty mundane by comparison. Also, we've got an incredible team wipe in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and more! » 11/12/14 3:00pm 11/12/14 3:00pm

Call Of Duty's Mech Technology Isn't Quite Perfected Yet

Kevin Spacey's future tech may be "20 years ahead" of the fictional future military's, but that doesn't mean it works perfectly all the time. » 11/10/14 4:00pm 11/10/14 4:00pm

Target Destroyed -- By Mom

We all know that feeling of being engrossed in a game and being interrupted by a loving mother. Well, when you're livestreaming, the show must go on, so just let her play Dark Souls 2 in front of hundreds of viewers! » 11/07/14 1:30pm 11/07/14 1:30pm

Evolve Players Figured Out How To Make Friends With The Monster

Maybe You Don't Have to Hunt Monsters in Evolve After All

Evolve — the game where you and three friends hunt a player controlling a monster — is in public alpha right now. We've got a look at how it plays when things go right, and when they go very wrong . » 11/03/14 5:00pm 11/03/14 5:00pm

Killing Destiny's Templar Solo, Without Exploits

Sure, it's fun to see people finding exploits to beat raid bosses solo, but it's something else entirely to see them just playing multiple roles by themselves and conquering with just a ton of patience and firepower. » 10/22/14 1:01pm 10/22/14 1:01pm

Guy Lands Perfect Falcon Punch, Opponent Just Quits

If you think "I've done some pretty amazing Falcon Punches before", just ask yourself: did your opponent just quit the game after you did it? And, as always, much more! » 10/20/14 2:30pm 10/20/14 2:30pm

How To Kill 35 Orcs With A Single Shot In Shadow Of Mordor

It's time for another Highlight Reel, and today we're showing off a beautiful triple kill with a Sparrow in Destiny, some very confusing glitches from Assassin's Creed, a game-saving shot across the court in NBA 2k15, and more! » 10/13/14 3:30pm 10/13/14 3:30pm

NBA 2K15 Glitches Let You Walk On Water, Disrupt Time-Space Continuum

NBA 2k15 has problems with face scanning, but that isn't all. It also lets you walk on water, levitate, or become a bizarre shiny human. We've also got two amazing Smash Bros plays, and more! » 10/10/14 1:00pm 10/10/14 1:00pm

Controlling Two Different Characters Proves Difficult

We all loved Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The controls took some getting used to, but that was part of its undeniable charm. Shadow Puppeteer controls similarly, but what starts off as a serene puzzle game soon turns into a brain aneurysm. » 10/09/14 12:30pm 10/09/14 12:30pm

Apparently The Scariest Part Of Alien: Isolation Is... A Door

Oh god just look at it. Look at it standing there. All door-like. Also today, we've got clips from Call of Duty, Forza Horizon 2, Battlefield 4, League of Legends and more! » 10/08/14 1:30pm 10/08/14 1:30pm

Can't Play Dark Souls 2 With A Rock Band Controller? Try Harder.

I wish I could say Bearzly inspires me to try harder at games like Dark Souls, but the truth is that I just feel shame at my terrible rolling technique. Look at him! So calm and collected while whammy-barring his way to victory. » 10/06/14 2:00pm 10/06/14 2:00pm

That’s What You Get For Trolling In Destiny

If you want to play a prank on your friend using an exploit, you'd better actually know how to use that exploit. Also, we've got clips from Forza Horizon 2, Counter-Strike, and an update from today's League of Legends World Championship match! » 10/03/14 2:00pm 10/03/14 2:00pm

The Most Intense League Of Legends Match Ever

In addition to our usual roundup of amazing plays and glitches, this weekend's League of Legends tournament brought one of the most incredible moments in the game. Also, an amazing play in CS:GO from Dreamhack, and more! » 9/29/14 6:30pm 9/29/14 6:30pm

A Truly One-In-A-Million Battlefield Shot

There are plenty of incredible trick shots in a variety of games, but I've never seen anyone kill a teabagger like this, especially not after they've already died. » 9/24/14 3:30pm 9/24/14 3:30pm

There Are More Interesting Ways To Kill Your Enemies

In today's Highlight Reel, we have a whole bunch of alternate ways to deal with enemies, from bow and arrow, to using land mines on a chopper, to just pushing a bosses off ledges instead of shooting them. » 9/19/14 2:00pm 9/19/14 2:00pm

Destiny Protip: Dance More

Dancing is a fun feature in Destiny, but it can also be a really useful tool when you're alone defending a control point. We also have highlights from someone defending a control point with punches, and the most enjoyable crash ever in Just Cause 2. » 9/17/14 5:00pm 9/17/14 5:00pm

Okay, Maybe Destiny's Hunter Is A Bit Overpowered

Last week, we showed you a clip where a bladedancer single-handedly tore up a crowd of enemies. Well, after seeing this bladedancer, it seems that maybe having a knife is the answer to all of your Destiny problems. » 9/15/14 4:00pm 9/15/14 4:00pm